Welcome to The Trends and Issues in Middle/Secondary Education Wiki

On this wiki, you will find information regarding a wide range of trends and issues we currently face within the middle/secondary classroom. All resources and materials on this wiki have been carefully developed by a group of highly-qualified and creative middle-grades and secondary-level teachers from a variety of content-areas. These teachers are enrolled in EDCI 6158: Trends and Issues in Middle/Secondary Education.

Please visit this page for further information on the course, EDCI 6158: Trends and Issues in Middle/Secondary Education. Please download EDCI 6158 Wiki_Project_overview.docx for information regarding EDCI 6158 students' wiki project components and to see a grading rubric for the assignment. The wiki project proposal may be downloaded here.

What the purpose of this wiki? 040.JPG

This wiki is a means for collecting, publishing, and disseminating information on trends and issues in education. Some trends and issues may be more relevant in certain grade-levels or content-areas. Other issues may be interdisciplinary. Some trends/issues may be specific to certain districts and/or the state of Georgia. Other trends and issues may be cross state boundaries.

Who is the intended audience for this wiki?

This wiki targets a range of "stakeholders" in middle/secondary education. These stakeholders may include:
  • Teachers in Georgia
  • Teachers outside the state of Georgia
  • Middle/Secondary-level students
  • Parents of middle/secondary-level students
  • Local, state, and national policymakers
  • P-12 School Administrators
  • Taxpayers
  • Support staff working within P-12 schools
  • Post-secondary institutions
  • Teacher preparation programs
  • Community members
  • Librarians

What will I find on each wikipage?

  • A general description of the trend and/or issue
  • An annotated bibliography of 5 outside sources related to the trend/issue (including both scholarly and "popular" sources)
  • A rationale describing whether this topic is a "trend," an "issue," or both
  • A proposal describing a curriculum project related to the trend/issue

Helpful teaching links: Please visit this page to see links to teaching materials used in EDCI 6158.

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